Take a look at our leadership retreat guide with examples & 9 key things to include. Whether it’s a classic ‘LOL’ when we find something funny, or more business-related terms such as ‘B2B’, ‘SMART’, or ‘CPU’. Guess the acronym is a simple, and work-related, way to get people giggling and having fun. Begin by asking your group to stand-up and let them know you’ll be giving them instructions for where to look.

This approach leads to a greater diversity of ideas, and ultimately more productive meetings. Short introductions are a good way to take the pressure off people when getting to know one another and set expectations. For brevity’s sake, it’s best to break it down into simple categories such as first name, last name, and one fact about each person.

Two-Word Check-In

For teams looking for a more in-depth icebreaker, this activity is a great way to share strengths, weaknesses and preferred ways of working with the group. Icebreaker activities that go a little deeper and encourage individuality are great for helping teams get to know each other. In this fun game, each team member is given space for drawing the answers to four questions you’ll ask. You can run this icebreakers for virtual meetings using a virtual whiteboard or by asking participants to draw on paper and share their completed image with the whole team. Some are great for helping established teams kick-off a video conference, others are best employed when helping remote team members get to know each other. Virtual games can also serve to encourage behaviours or introduce concepts that will be useful for later in the meeting.

If you have a larger team, activities or games are sometimes the best options since they will allow for natural opportunities to break out into smaller teams or subgroups. What we wear and how we move through the world can say a lot about us as individuals. This activity is a quick and simple way to get meeting attendees quickly warmed up by simply asking them to take a picture of their shoes and share it with the group. Set a time limit and encourage creativity – wacky shoes or fun photographs are absolutely encouraged. Online team-building games are fun and social – they encourage interaction among coworkers and help bring back the camaraderie of a physical office. Good productive idea exchanges make for great virtual icebreakers too.

Icebreaker #14: One Word at a Time

A list of virtual icebreakers wouldn’t be complete without a group photo! This one’s as much fun through a video chat as much as it is in real life. And you can repeat it time and time again by taking a different picture each time — make funny faces, bring in your pets, do a crazy gesture, be creative. Virtual https://remotemode.net/ team ice breakers can make introducing new recruits to the group far less uncomfortable. Next, check out our list of icebreaker books, this one with icebreaker questions for meetings, and these fun connection games. When it comes to connecting and playing games with your team, any game can be great.

ice breakers for large virtual meetings

At the end of the time, go around and have each team member read their stories aloud. The team leader will give participants a survival scenario. The players will brainstorm the solutions for about five minutes. Ladies and Gentlemen is one of the top virtual ice breakers for work that tests attentiveness. Two Truths and One Lie is among the best virtual team icebreakers for teams. Each participant must come up with two statements that are true and one statement that is a (convincing) lie.

Virtual Meeting Platforms To Make Remote Work Effective & Engaging

Next, have the group guess which desk belongs to whom and then invite the desk owner to talk a little bit about their workspace. 9 Dimensions is a powerful activity designed to build relationships and trust among team members. It can be MODIFIED to work with any group and/or topic (just change the questions). Creating a sentence relating to a specific topic or problem with each person contributing one word at a time.