Top 10 Real-Life Chatbot Use Cases That Work

Chatbot Use Cases

In order to meet these customer requirements, chatbot software is the right tool for your business. Bloom Avenue’s Olivia, Facebook Messenger chatbot is the best example. Olivia is a user-facing chatbot that asks a series of skin-related questions, and then recommends the right skincare products for each user. Vainu, a data analytics service, asks questions visitors with their VainuBot.

Chatbot Use Cases

Based on customer answers, the chatbot recommends products and services. Along the way, they employ memes, pop references, and other content to keep their audience’s interest, which in their chatbot use case, consists primarily of females age 13 and above. By the way, HOAS customer service chatbot is a great example of how a bot can increase customer satisfaction score and help to build a stronger brand as well!

Employee experience use cases for conversational AI

The newspaper recently hired an editorial director of artificial intelligence initiatives to establish protocols for the newsroom’s use of A.I. And examine ways to integrate the technology into the company’s journalism. A banking chatbot’s most important use case is when suspicious activity is found in a customer’s account; they send push notifications to the concerned clients. Clients may protect their accounts from further malicious practices by taking specific actions like blocking their cards. For example, they can be used as virtual assistants for clients who need help with tasks like scheduling appointments or communicating with other parties involved in the transaction. They can also ask questions about what the customer is looking forward to in the next version of their product.

Chatbot Use Cases

And with the recent rise of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, chatbots have evolved in leaps and bounds, making this goal an attainable one. A SaaS chatbot can be deployed on the company’s website to assist visitors in understanding the software’s features, benefits, and pricing tiers. The chatbot can provide instant responses to frequently asked questions, guide users through the product’s functionality, and even help with the onboarding process.

Chatbots for Customer Service – 4 Current Applications

It can also be used for creative writing applications, where it can help users generate unique ideas, brainstorm plots, and even write entire stories. “We all need people to give us feedback, that is how we improve.”- Bill Gates. With the increased difficulty and threat in the physical visits to the doctors and hospitals, the healthcare industry is now automating. Redundant tasks like sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, and providing employee benefits.

Google’s Bard chatbot can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, Drive – The Verge

Google’s Bard chatbot can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, Drive.

Posted: Tue, 19 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And, in the long run, you will be much happier with your investment seeing the great results that the bot brings your company. Finance bots can effectively monitor and identify any warning signs of fraudulent activity. And if an issue arises, the chatbot immediately alerts the bank as well as the customer. That’s why chatbots flagging up any suspicious activity are so useful for banking. Chatbots for mental health can help patients feel better by having a conversation with the person.

Their versatility and 24/7 availability make chatbots valuable tools for automating tasks, enhancing user experiences, and increasing operational efficiency. Chatbots find diverse applications across industries, serving as virtual helpers for various tasks. In customer support, they provide instant assistance, while virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant help with daily tasks. E-commerce chatbots assist shoppers with recommendations and inquiries, and in the travel sector, they help book flights and hotels.

Chatbot Use Cases

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