Virtual data rooms, also known as VDRs, are utilized to share secure documents with third parties during M&A deals, IPOs, capital raising and other investment banking processes. VDRs can make these transactions safer and more efficient by providing an organized platform for collaboration as well as a complete audit of all activities.

It is important to choose the right provider of virtual datarooms to ensure the security of your documents. Select a data room service that has high-quality security features, like encryption of your data in transit and in rest. Other features include customizable watermarking and remote shredding, two-factor authentication, timed expiration of access, granular authorizations and a variety of collaboration tools (Q&A sections and document annotations, etc.). These tools build a digital fortress around your personal information and greatly reduce the chance of accessing data that is not authorized, leakage of data and other security threats.

The majority of modern VDR providers also offer multi-platform support. This includes Windows, macOS, and iOS and enterprise-grade security, even for devices that are not under the control of your company. Check the certifications of the provider to ensure they adhere to the industry standards.

VDRs are widely used in various industries, but they’re particularly useful for M&A due-diligence as well as immovable property transactions. M&A involves the exchange of massive volumes of documents, both on the sell-side and the buy-side. Therefore, it is imperative that both sides have access to a platform that allows for collaboration and due-diligence. A VDR is the ideal solution to simplify these processes and improve efficiency easy, secure and safe.