Virtual Meetings are a great method for colleagues to work together and communicate even if they’re not physically present. Virtual meetings may pose unique challenges which are difficult to overcome. The main issues are the absence of non-verbal indications, poor sound quality and distracting participants. There are a variety of strategies and tips for conducting effective virtual meetings that helpful hints about practical virtual boardroom software guide will improve engagement and help them stay on course.

Make sure that everyone is able attend your meetings at the correct time. If your team is distributed across multiple time zones, schedule your meetings to coincide with the working days of everyone involved. This will prevent your meeting from getting too long and will make your employees feel energized after returning to their work.

Stick to the agenda as closely as you can. This will prevent the meeting from drifting off track and allow participants to feel that they are accomplishing something productive by their time. Encourage participants to take part in the discussion and record notes instead of typing. Research has shown that taking notes in hand can help people remember information and recollect it later.

Keep a log of all questions and comments made by participants. Make sure to address them at the conclusion of the meeting. This will help to ensure that all important information is accounted for and that no concerns or questions are left unanswered.