Board management software is a computer tool that directors’ boards and their administrative support staff to help organize meetings distribute and edit documents, share ideas and details, conduct virtual video conferences and more. It’s a must have for nonprofit stakeholders seeking to improve governance, increase engagement and boost productivity.

The top online boards portals offer centralized access to relevant information. This eliminates the need to look through emails, shared files and piles of paper to locate the information you require. This improves efficiency and productivity and reduces time. Nonprofits can also make use of the flexibility of a board portal system to increase efficiency beyond their board of directors. Memorial Health System has, for example been able expand their use of board portals to several committees and groups within their own organization, increasing their return.

A good board portal should be user-friendly with a clear and easy user interface. It should have a low learning curve for both board members and not be over-engineered with features that don’t need to be there or never used.

A good board management system should include world-class security and protect data from data breaches. With all the attention in the media regarding data privacy and hacking Board members want to feel confident that their personal information is safe. A high-quality board management program will employ encryption and industry-leading methods to safeguard data. This is a clear sign of the company’s commitment to their work.