From Harvard Business Review editors to the most influential and innovative thinkers These podcasts take a look at the world around us. They’re the ideal way to make your commute more enjoyable, your workout more insightful or your workday just a bit more fulfilling.

HBR Presents is a new network of partner-created podcasts curated by Harvard Business Review editors. It builds on the success of HBR IdeaCast, Dear HBR:, and Women at Work.

The Managing the Future of Work podcast examines the challenges and opportunities for work in the technological age. This series examines the ways leaders are dealing with workplace changes such as gender inequality to attracting and keeping top talent.

In this episode, our host Denise Silber talks with Francoise Bouyer. She is a self-described genderless CEO and entrepreneur at Tint, a start-up company. Tint. They discuss how embracing diversity can aid in building an authentic business and create a more diverse workforce, and produce relevant goods for today’s consumers.

This podcast focuses on the challenges and opportunities of working on a global level. Guests share their experience dealing with cultural differences, organizational policies, and leadership styles across the world.

The Shorenstein Center Media and Politics Podcast provides insights from the intersection of politics, media, and public policy. The podcast interviews prominent voices from the media business, politics and campaigns foreign policy, as well as race and diversity.