As the legal industry continues to grow, it’s vital for firms to invest in the latest technology that lets them expand. Those who don’t will find themselves behind as employees and clients expect more from the companies they work with. Cloud computing is among the most popular options for law firms.

Cloud solutions make it easy for lawyers to access their information and applications through a simple Internet connection and secure login. Many people regularly use cloud-based applications such as LinkedIn and Facebook without paying attention to the manner in which they are hosted. Cloud computing is also a great option for lawyers.

The initial costs for setting up and maintaining server-based systems can be prohibitive, as can the ongoing energy costs to power them. These expenses can quickly become expensive, especially for larger law firms who might need to allocate costly floor space to house the hardware.

Cloud solutions can eliminate these initial costs and do not require office space to house servers or file cabinets. Instead, a low monthly subscription typically includes an enormous amount of storage, key applications, and the flexibility to expand the number of users as needed.

Cloud-stored files, generally, are more secure than files stored on servers or in cabinets for files. Paper documents can be easily stolen or misplaced. Digital files are, however, secured and regularly backed up to reduce the chance of being stolen.