Boardroom meetings online are an increasingly popular method for businesses to hold meetings with remote participants. This technology has a variety of advantages over traditional face-to-face meetings, including less cost of travel, improved accessibility, and better governance. These meetings are primarily focused on determining how a company can best address the most pressing issues while also fulfilling the board’s fiduciary obligations on behalf of shareholders.

The success of the online board meeting depends on the right planning and preparation. Start by selecting a time that is convenient for everyone and take into consideration their schedules for work as well as meal times and other obligations. Make sure your video conferencing platform is able to record sessions and can handle audio and video. Also, make sure that all of your remote colleagues are on the same page, by sending an agenda that is clear and any other materials they may need to read before the meeting starts.

Make sure that the discussion stays focused and productive during your online board meeting. If you feel the discussion is getting off topic, ask participants to take a quick break or turn off their voices. Also, try to keep the conversation short and focused, as lengthy discussions can cause fatigue and a decrease in engagement.

If you’re looking to improve collaboration in virtual meetings, choose an online videoconferencing platform that offers easy-to-use collaboration tools. This will allow teams to collaborate on the same document, and will improve the overall experience of the meeting.

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