Cloud computing lets service providers increase or decrease their capacity according to the demand. It also provides benefits like cost savings, disaster recovery, and the ability to scale. Cloud document management systems offer similar benefits, and offer productivity-enhancing tools to aid you in your work.

The most effective cloud document management software can be accessed through the Internet regardless of where an employee is. This is essential at a time when remote work is becoming more common. A EDMS on premises may require workers to connect through a virtual private networks (VPN), which can be unreliable or slow, while cloud-based systems that utilize HTML is accessible from any device with a web browser and an Internet connection.

A good cloud-based document management system typically requires less maintenance compared to on-premises systems. This is due to the fact that the hardware is in an external data center rather than the office of your company. This gives your IT team more time to work on new projects or handle ticket requests from users.

Cloud document management systems has to be designed so that it can work on multiple platforms and support various file formats. LogicalDoc, cloud-based document management system lets users upload or link their favorite files from Windows, Mac and Android devices. Its dashboard is accessible online and offline, and it can be integrated with other file storage systems like Google Drive or Dropbox. It lets users track document changes and access version histories.