Free board meeting software streamlines your workflow and assists you operate more efficiently. It’s designed to aid mother boards of directors, executive teams, and committees by easing their work and ensuring that crucial records are stored in a central location which is accessible and able to be shared anytime. In addition, it assists you to safeguard your records in the event of cybersecurity threats or data breaches. It is essential to select a board management system provider that can provide high-level security and compliance benchmarks.

To find the ideal solution to meet your organization’s needs start by examining your current workflow and deciding on what you’d like to change. For instance, certain companies may wish to have the ability of taking notes on documents in meetings or have a highly-intuitive interface for those with no technical expertise. Once you’ve identified your requirements, narrow down the list of companies that provide a range of features that match these requirements. Compare pricing plans and ensure you understand what’s included in each plan.

Consider solutions that allow you to quickly create and distribute board packs so that members are able to review the material prior to the meeting. Moreover, consider whether you need to have the capability to automatically erase private notes from documents for board members after the meeting. Find out if the portal used by the board includes encryption protocols that stop unauthorized access to sensitive information and documents.