LEGO is a favorite of children that brings back memories of laying on the floor playing with a multi-colored masterpiece. For adults, it can be a fun way to sharpen math and engineering skills while channeling creativity.

Lego Ideas, a program operated by the toy maker allows fans to transform their ideas into Lego sets. Anyone can propose an idea and, if a majority of fellow Lego builders are in favor, the company will consider making it a reality. Angus MacLane is an animator, storyboard designer and director at Pixar. He has designed an LEGO version WALL-E, from the dystopian movie. The set is currently on sale and is an exact replica of the adorable character.

The massive mech from Voltron: Defender of the Universe is a different set of success that was developed by the Lego Ideas process. It’s designed for advanced builders and comes with some amazing features, including the pilots’ movable hands and delta wings that open and close, and an open nose.

Typically, sets are only available for a period of two to three years. Then they are replaced with a new model. This is an exceptional case: a design by brothers Marc and Nick Parsons, based on the Back to the Future tree house, was so a hit in 2022 when it first debuted that it is now in its fourth year on the shelves with no you could try these out indication of slowing.