Global business is basically the sale of products and services across boundaries. But it’s more than that Leaders today need to be aware of the various factors that affect the global marketplace, including the local political and cultural contexts. These issues influence strategic decisions, like outsourcing services, sourcing materials and the development of products and marketing campaigns for markets across the globe.

In addition, to gain a better knowledge of the complex elements that affect a successful management strategy Global business study teaches you the competencies needed to successfully work with people from different cultures and to communicate across distances. Employers see this as an invaluable set of competencies.

Global Business Resources

A variety of online and print publications provide news, analysis, and commentary on global business. Certain specialize in specific industries, while others focus on regions or countries.

You can increase your global business understanding by listening to actual stories of the experiences of business leaders across the globe market. Their stories, regardless of whether they’ve had success or not, can add a human touch to the concepts and frameworks you’ll be learning in class. They can help you consider the challenges and uncertainty of working in an ever changing business environment.