Caring for neonatal families

We’re so pleased you found us – welcome to Leo’s. We’ve been looking after the mental health and well-being of neonatal families since 2018. We use our own experiences of neonatal care to let families know, we see you, we hear you, we’ve got you. If you need our specialist support, please make a referral below. 

How we can look after you.


Whether you are on the Preterm Birth Pathway, under the care of Fetal Medicine, considering another pregnancy, or pregnant again after a neonatal stay, or loss, we can take care of you.


If you are a family who is currently in neonatal care with either a premature or full term baby, we’re here to help you navigate the neonatal stay, and all that comes with it.


We know first-hand, the neonatal stay doesn’t end at discharge, for many families, this may just be the beginning. We are on hand to support you once you’re home.

Leo’s Services


We offer you a safe space to talk about your feelings and emotions, from our team who have been where you are,

High CBT

High Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is ran by our qualified therapists to support trauma recovery.

Sensory Sessions

We run regular community sensory play sessions, for you to come along to when you’re ready.


Our counselling supports birth and pregnancy trauma, neonatal care, neonatal loss, diagnosis and more.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is delivered by our qualified therapists to support PTSD.

Specialist Classes

We offer specialised neonatal specific classes such as yoga, massage, swimming and more.

Flash Therapy

Flash, is a type of EMDR therapy, delivered by our qualified therapists to support trauma recovery.


The Newborn Behavioural Observation offers special insight into how your baby communicates.

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About Us

Leo’s Story

Sometimes, the sickest twin, makes the most noble sacrifice to save the other.

In 2015, my son Leo entered this world at just 24 weeks gestation, and unbeknown to him, saving the life of his twin brother Oska, and me, his mum, Lottie

After four long hours, waiting to meet my little boy, I was finally able to go see him in the NICU. The doors of intensive care opened, and there he was, the most beautiful little boy in the world. I fell in love instantly. Our first hello would be our goodbye. Our first cuddle would be our last together in this world.

We were told he could fight no more, and that they had done all they could to save him, but he was just so very sick.

We made the heart-breaking decision to turn off his life support and let him go peacefully. He slipped away and grew his wings in the early hours after he was placed in my arms. He changed our hearts irrevocably. In those brief moments we shared together, I can’t explain the lessons he taught me, the love I felt and the overwhelming desire as his mum to make sure his life meant something.

Days later a consultant spoke to us whilst I was still pregnant with his twin Oska, because every minute, every hour inside gave him a stronger chance of survival.

He sat us down and said: “Sometimes, the sickest twin knows it’s poorly, and makes the most noble sacrifice to save the other.”

That’s what our boy did. He became Oska’s guardian angel and he saved his life. I truly believe that. He saved my life too.

I am so honoured to be the mum of someone so brave, so selfless. He is my greatest hero.

This here, is his legacy.

Lottie x

Do You Have Any Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the work we do here at Leos…


Where do you support?

We support families across the North East of England.


Is there a time limit to get support?

We try to care for families as early as in their pregnancy, and up to seven years post neonatal stay. Families are welcome to re-refer back into our services as many times as they need.


Can I access NHS care and Leo's?

Yes, you can! We often work in partnership with the NHS to make sure families get the best care.


I'd like to make a donation how can I do that?

Donations make a huge difference to our work, we’d love to hear from you! So please email us on


I'd love to fundraise for you, how can I do that?

We have a dedicated Just Giving Page, but we can also support with fundraising packs and sponsor forms.


I'm struggling, how do I get support?

If your world is feeling heavy, click on the ‘Make A Referral’ button at the top of this page, or get a health care / local authority professional to help you.

What Parents Say

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