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Leo’s takes referrals for families or children who have spent time on a neonatal unit, families where a current pregnancy is likely to result in a neonatal stay, families who have had a prior neonatal stay and are worried about another neonatal admission.

Hospitals covered by Leo’s include The University Hospital of North Tees, The James Cook University Hospital, Darlington Memorial Hospital, The Unviersity Hospital of North Durham and Sunderland Royal.

If you are a family needing support from Leo’s and you have been discharged home and you live within Teesside, County Durham, Darlington or Sunderland and have been on any neonatal unit in the North East, we are able to support you.

Families are able to refer themselves in, or professionals can do this on their behalf.

Our support covers physical, social and psychological support for families who have had a baby born sick or premature.

We cover the family unit including, babies, children (up to the age of seven), parents / carers, siblings and grandparents.

Our team will assess what each family needs on an individual basis to ensure they get the best care from Leo’s.

Professionals able to refer in to Leo’s support may include, neonatal teams, midwives, paediatric teams, health visitors, GPs, social services, portage, early help. physiotherapist, SALT, dieticians etc. A family member must give consent for you to fill in the application.

If you are a family who have experienced a bereavement on a neonatal unit in the North East of England and need specialist bereavement care, please email us at

Please note, at present we are currently closed to new referrals due to funding constraints. Referrals can be sent in, but will be placed on a waiting list.

We are not a crisis service, if you feel you are in a mental health emergency and are unable to keep yourself or someone else safe, please contact 999.

Please note, our team only covers the North East of England and we are sadly unable to support you if you are outside of our region.

Staff Referral

If you are an NHS staff member, Local Authority staff member, or third sector organisation supporting a family who will either need neonatal care (e.g. high risk pregnancy), currently in neonatal care (NICU/SCBU) or who have been discharged from a neonatal unit, you can now refer in using this digital form.

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Parent Referral

If you’re a parent who is currently pregnant and on the Preterm Birth Pathway or under Fetal Medicine, in a neonatal unit, or have been discharged from the neonatal unit in the last seven years, please click the link below, to refer in today.

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Bereavement Referral

This form is for families who have sadly lost a baby or babies during a neonatal stay.

Before you start this form, we just want to say, well done for reaching out for support, we know how hard it can be. We’ve got you.

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